1. Full payment

Full payment is a one time payment made to access the course or service. No alternative payments will be made.

2. Monthly part payments

A monthly part payment is the total cost of the course split over the stated months. Each monthly part payment will be taken from the card paid for on the same date of each month for the stated months.

Access to the course is provided upon your first successful payment.

Monthly payments not successfully completed, will be tried three times - each with an accompanying email reminder. Sometimes payments bounce back due to insufficient funds or you might have card issues. To update those simply log in to your account, update the card and the payment will be rebilled within three days.

After three unsuccessful billings, your access to the course will be removed. This will be accompanied with an email of your course unenrollment.

In the future, if you are wishing to continue your course enrollment, full payment needs to be made (with a prorated amount taken off for your successful billings) to gain access. For example - I have paid 2 out of 6 payments. I lose access due to my unsuccessful payments. I want to reenroll or have gain access to the course again, so will have to pay 4 payments via bank transfer to be re.

If you lose access to the course due to rebilling issues, no refunds are given.


Results are not guaranteed because they depend on YOUR application of the course material. Please reach out to i[email protected] PRIOR to enrollment if you have questions, as we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS!