Are you NEW to teaching & looking for a detailed unpacking of planning?


Are you CONFUSED by all the planning language?

Are you overwhelmed by HOW exactly to plan?

Are you tired of spending all weekend planning & still feeling like you're MISSING the mark?

I've been exactly where you are...

...And I know HOW you feel!

I'm spilling all my secrets inside Planning Course Academy.

You will learn the EXACT way I plan & templates that I use in the classroom.

Find out more about what exactly is in Planning Course Academy...

Section 1: Setting up your planning

The setting up, introduction all about planning to build a strong foundation and understanding of why planning is important.

  • Module 1: What is planning?
  • Module 2: What informs planning?
  • Module 3: Planning templates & software

Section 2: Planning in depth

Breaking down all of the planning aspects we need to know and include as teachers. Unpacking these, showing you models and examples plus 'how-to' videos.

  • Module 4: Planning language
  • Module 5: Term Overviews
  • Module 6: Long term planning
  • Module 7: Short term planning
  • Module 8: Group planning

Section 3: You've what?

What to do next now that you have built knowledge around planning for your practice. Tips, time saver hints and ways to streamline your planning.

  • Module 9: Where to start?
  • Module 10: Planning tips & helpful hints
  • Module 11: Next steps with planning
  • Module 12: Workload tips for planning

Last minute extras!

  • BONUS SECTION: Differentiation ebook
  • Planning Tech Videos
  • The Guide to Group Planning ebook and learning
  • Planning Reels

  • NEW ADDED: Teaching slides for your practice

Freebie resources for you!

A range of resources that help & align with planning - included in the course!

Over $100 value included free.

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